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Pagan Ways Tarot

The Pagan Ways Tarot is a fully illustrated 78 card deck which explores Pagan themes and mysteries through the Major and Minor arcanas alike.

Published by Schiffer

The tarot is often called ‘The Journey of the Fool’ and the cards give a rounded picture of human life, of who and what we are and the forces that shape us.

The Minor Arcana describes the outward journey of life and its lessons, while the Major Arcana describes the inward focus of the path of spiritual quest and initiation.

The stories of the Gods are threads in the tapestry of this deck, creating links between cards, between the Major and Minor Arcanas, winding between the outer and inner paths.

The Fool’s Journey is viewed not just as the mundane path through life, but the experience of spiritual growth from its first impulse to initiation.

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The cards

Each card of the deck is fully illustrated with a god or goddess.

The accompanying book explores their symbolism, the lessons of their stories and the meanings of the cards.

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