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Lear Books

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Lear Books

Lear Books was founded by Anna Franklin in 2005. Anna is an author with many credits to her name, including the best selling Sacred Circle Tarot (Llewellyn),  Herb Craft (Capall Bann), Pagan Ways Tarot (Schiffer), The Celtic Animal Oracle (Vega) and more than twenty other titles:

"Lear Books was born out of my frustration with mainstream publishers. I grew tired of having to dumb down my books when publishers would say 'that's too difficult for the reader, take that out and put some spells in' or 'angels/crystals/fairies are popular, can you write a book about angels/crystals/fairies?'. I also grew tired of having to threaten some publishers with legal action to get my royalties paid."

More and more authors are also self-publishing works, alongside their more mainstream books, supplying a smaller but more discriminating audience.