Annual Pagan Camp

Always the first weekend in September

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The Mercian Gathering is held:

 To honour the Old Gods

To create a sacred space for people of all Pagan paths to come together in a spirit of fellowship, reverence and sharing knowledge

To raise money for our chosen charities - £62,420 raised by 2016




Group Working

Wicker Man

Flaming labyrinth


Stav and Qi Gong sessions

Pagan Music

Damh the Bard plays Saturday night

Free Sunday craft market

Kid’s workshops and tent


Art Attacks

Our theme this year is ‘Honouring the Earth’ and our talks, workshops and rituals will be centred around this, exploring it from many different perspectives to provide an immersive experience.

Mercian Gathering 2017

 Pagan Camp

Michelle Axe - Merlin and the Crystal Cave

Damh the Bard

Terry Mace - Urban Shamanism

Caroline Lockwood -Morris Dancing Workshop

Kim Morgan – planetary magic

Sharon Sim and Piers La Trobe - kid’s workshops

Dave Smith – Earth Heart  Connection

Gitta Cooper – children’s workshop and adult workshop

Sam and Pete – drumming circle

Jim Dalton - labyrinth workshop

Temple of Elen plus oracle workshop

Pamela Mitchell – charm making workshop

Linda Sever Seidr - soul retrieval and Seidr

Gail Eaton – working with plant spirits

Spike Jones - journey through the realms

Susan Marie Paramor - voices of the land workshop guided by honouring the earth in voice and song.  

Ray Hatley & Elaine Mein - runes

Elaine Mein – the cunning woman

Dennis Wright – workshop and healers panel

Nick Packham – ongoing forging workshop

Graham Butcher – spirituality in a secular world

Stav Sessions

Qi Gong sessions




1st, 2nd, 3rd  September

Held near Nuneaton, Warks, UK